Joyous occasions

donna-official-100x96By Donna Orsuto, director of The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas

One of the joys of The Lay Centre space is the possibility of sometimes inviting students and professors over for a meal. For example, I have had the long time tradition of offering an “optional” activity to my students  of visiting The Lay Centre for a meal once a year. As this is “optional”, usually twenty or thirty take up the offer, but this year, much to my surprise, there wereseventy-two of us.


As you can see from the picture, it was a joyous occasion and an opportunity for students from the Gregorian University to also meet others from the Angelicum.  We walked together to The Lay Centre from the universities in groups led by Fiodar from Bellarus, Anish from India, Filipe from Brazil and me, arriving at 1pm.  We had time for a festive lunch and a short film, before all headed back to the universities for afternoon classes.

Many thanks to The Lay Centre staff and students who helped to prepare this event and to get everything back in place!

In the evening, we welcomed our neighbors, the Passionists to the Lay Centre for Mass and dinner. The new Rector of the Community, Fr. Matteo Nonini celebrated the Mass.  He was accompanied by members of the student community and staff. It was a good opportunity to begin the academic year in a friendly way!  The next event will be a traditional soccer game between The Lay Centre men and the Passionists. The big question is: who will win???

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