Community evening on Pope Francis’ magisterium

donrocco293By Filipe Domingues

The receptivity in society of Pope Francis’ creative style and the strong message of his first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii gaudium, were the main topics of the The Lay Centre‘s community evening on 4 March. We were very happy to welcome for the first time Fr. Rocco D’Ambrosio, a diocesan priest from Bari, Italy, and professor of political philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University. He presided Mass and joined us for dinner, leading residents in a very captivating conversation.

Emphasizing Francis’ communication style, Fr. D’Ambrosio explained that, unsurprisingly, the content of his magisterium is fully in continuity with the Second Vatican Council’s resolutions. The professor said he believes the acceptance or rejection of Pope Francis’ teachings are almost always related to how much people understand and recognize the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.

Fr. D’Ambrosio contributed to the anthology “Evangelii gaudium, un testo che ci interroga” (which  in English can be translated as “Evangelii gaudim, a text that makes us reflect”). The book is edited by Jesuit Father Miguel Yáñez, an Argentine disciple of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The book includes a series of interdisciplinary reflections on some of the striking ideas found in the papal document.

Photo: Anish Joy

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