News from the local church at our community evening

foto 1_FILIPPI

By Filipe Domingues

At least once a year, The Lay Centre residents dedicate a community evening to learn more about what is happening in the local Church of Rome. On 11 March, we welcomed Msgr Nicola Filippi, who has a number of important responsabilities in the Diocese of Rome. Among them, he is the secretary to the Cardinal Vicar, Archbishop Agostino Vallini. Msgr Filippi (commonly called Don Nicola) joined us for Mass and dinner.

Msgr Filippi shared the news that Rome has a new auxiliary bishop, Bishop Augusto Paolo Lojudice, who was recently appointed by Pope Francis to succeed Bishop Paolo Schiavon. Until his appointment, Bishop Lojudice was the pastor of San Luca al Prenestino Parish, located in the southern periphery of Rome.

Don Nicola said the diocese is conducting a comprehensive pastoral study on evangelization in parishes. Currently, Christian formation is mostly focused on sacramental preparation for children. The research aims to come up with new ways of approaching Christian formation.

We were also glad to welcome an alumnus of The Lay Centre, Professor Stephan Kampowski, who teaches philosophical anthropology at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family.

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