Passionist General Curia welcomes Lay Centre community

By Filipe Domingues

The Lay Centre‘s resident community is used to hosting guests as part of its charism. But there are some rare occasions when we switch roles with our friends. April 29 was one of them.

The General Curia of the Passionist priests (Congregatio Passionis Iesu Christi) warmly opened their doors to us in a kind gesture of hospitality and friendship. The Passionists welcomed us for Mass and a nice Italian “aperitivo” in their house.

Our residence is located on the Passionist grounds on the Caelian Hill. Oftentimes, we meet them in the garden or in the corridors, but we do not always have the chance to speak and to share our lives and experiences.

More than that, as The Lay Centre director Donna Orsuto often says, we share with the Passionists the idea of putting together contemplation and action. Spending time and praying together help all of us to see what we have in common.

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