Peace at heart of Vatican diplomacy, says prelate


Archbishop Paul Gallagher presides the Mass for The Lay Centre residents in the community chapel.

The Holy See’s efforts in diplomacy are for the benefit not only of Christians but of all persons whose life or basic human rights are threatened, said Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States.

Archbishop Gallagher spoke with Lay Centre residents about the work of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps during a community evening at The Lay Centre on 25 November.


Archbishop Paul Gallagher poses for a photo with the 2015-2016 resident community of The Lay Centre.

A longtime friend of The Lay Centre, he presided the community’s weekly Wednesday evening Mass and joined the residents for supper afterward.

Archbishop Gallagher said the Holy See watches with special attention the situation of countries in conflict – what Pope Francis has called a “Third World War in pieces.”

The archbishop mentioned the tensions in Syria, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Myanmar, and the Middle East in general. Diplomatic efforts are focused on building peace among people and nations, he said.

(Photos by Hansol Goo)

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