Draw close in simplicity and wonder

“Christmas is more than a bit of cheerful mood.

The child — he is the one who counts today. The important figure in this holy night is the child, the one child, the Son of God, and his birth….

Christmas means that he has come.

He has made the night bright. He has turned the night of our darkness, our incomprehensible night, into Christmas. The terrible night of our anxiety and helplessness is now a holy night.”

—  Karl Rahner

Rembrandt (1646). Located in the Alte Pinakothek of Munich, Germany.

Adoration of the Shepherd, by Rembrandt and his Workshop (1646), located in the Alte Pinakothek of Munich, Germany.

“The Womblike warmth of the stable” in the midst of a “massive enclosing night” aptly captures the atmosphere of Rembrandt’s Adoration of the Shepherd (1646).  He and his workshop present us with a Christ Child enveloped by a light that reaches the faces of all who draw close in simplicity and wonder. Like the shepherds, let’s pause together in silence, awe and humility before the Child. May His light penetrate not only our faces but also our hearts. In the depths of a dark winter, may He be a sign of hope for all who feel enveloped by darkness.

All of us here at The Lay Centre wish for you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with light and hope.

Dr Donna Orsuto

Director, The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas

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