A dear friend is ordained a bishop in Brazil


Bishop Sales meets the people of Cajazeiras, Brazil (Photo: Damião Fernandes)

ARARIPINA, Brazil — A good friend of The Lay Centre was ordained a bishop in Brazil: Bishop Francisco de Sales, O.Carm.

Our Brazilian resident, Filipe Domingues, represented The Lay Centre community at the celebration, held 4 August.

Domingues, who is in Brazil for his summer holiday, travelled about 2,500 kilometres, from São Paulo to the small town of Araripina, in the Brazilian northeast, where Bishop Sales was born. The region is called “Sertão“, which translates to “outback” or “backcountry.”

Bishop Sales lived in Rome since 2011. In the years before his episcopal appointment, he served as the General Secretary of the Carmelite Order. The close connection between The Lay Centre and the Carmelite Curia allowed this friendship to flourish.

Bishop Sales would come to The Lay Centre once in a while to visit and to preside at Mass. During one of his visits, he talked to us about Pope Paul VI‘s life and virtues.

Bishop Sales is now the shepherd of the Diocese of Cajazeiras.

Our prayers are with the new bishop as he takes on this new ministry! More pictures here.


From left to right: Fr Raúl Maraví Cabrera, O.Carm, General Councilor of the Americas; Fr Fernando Millán Romeral, O.Carm, Prior General of the Carmelites; Bishop Francisco de Sales, bishop of Cajazeiras (Brazil); Lay Centre resident Filipe Domingues; and Fr Francisco Manoel de Oliveira, O.Carm, director of a Carmelite rehabilitation centre in Curitiba, Brazil.

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