A time to reflect on the present and to recalibrate for the future

Inaugural Commun

Inaugural Community 1986-1987

Thirty years in Rome, the “Eternal City,” does not seem like a long time, and yet we at The Lay Centre are taking time to mark this anniversary. For us, it is an opportunity to remember the past, to reflect on the present with discernment, and to recalibrate our mission for the future.

We remember the past with gratitude, especially the nearly 200 people from 60 countries who called The Lay Centre home for their Roman sojourn; the 12,000 people who participate in our local and international programs; and the many men and women who took part in our more than 220 international programs over the years.

As we launch into the next decade, we have come to the conclusion that, more than ever, the Church and society need well-trained leaders, as well as men and women committed to dialogue. As Pope Francis recently remarked, “the Holy Spirit acts in and with” the laity, who are “the real protagonists of history” (taken from the Pope’s letter to Cardinal Marc Ouellet, president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, made public April 26).

Donna Orsuto, Director of The Lay Centre

Over the years, the programs and scope of formation offered by The Lay Centre have expanded. The resident community remains relatively small, compared with the number of lay students in Rome, but the impact of the centre is extensive.

To know more about our history, please go to our Anniversary Page and join us in this happy moment.

Anniversary Page


Lay Centre Students 2015-2016

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