Video of talk by Vatican astronomer now available

The fascinating presentation by Vatican astronomer and Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno on the theme, “The Heavens Proclaim: Science as Worship,” is now online, thanks to the generosity of Pallottine Father Frank Donio, S.A.C., and his team at the Catholic Apostolate Center.

Brother Consolmagno, who serves as the director of the Vatican Observatory, gave the presentation at The Lay Centre’s benefit evening in Washington, D.C., on 30 January, which drew an audience of about 120 people.

Sprinkling his talk with humor and witticisms, the American Jesuit spoke about the major developments in astronomy, the contribution of the Catholic Church to the study of astronomy, and the relationship between science and faith.

While science doesn’t lead one to faith, he said, one can grow in knowledge of God and in relationship with God through scientific study.

The team of the Catholic Apostolate Center, based in Washington, recorded and edited the one-hour presentation, which includes introductory remarks by Donna Orsuto, director of The Lay Centre.

The Catholic Apostolate Center and The Lay Centre share the common mission of offering formation to develop leaders in service of the Church; both are inspired by the vision of St. Vincent Pallotti of forming active lay Catholics.

Father Donio, director of the Catholic Apostolate Center and Provincial of the Immaculate Conception Province of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, presided and preached at Vespers before Brother Consolmagno’s presentation at Georgetown Visitation.

This moment of prayer, led by Father Donio allowed, participants to centre our hearts on the “Lord of heaven and earth.”

For more information on the Catholic Apostolate Center, go to

Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ



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